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$518,968 Sales at an ACOS 8.64%

Market: USA The APPROACH: 1. Catalog ManagementCreation of correct parentages to boost sales on the products that needed to increase sales Listing creation and optimization from A-Z, with new products as the catalog, is growing. Adding new shoe styles and accessories to listings in accordance with. Heavy focus on FBA catalog development. 2. Marketing & Design We used the brand’s mission and assets to create compelling A+ Content, Infographics and Copywriting to address the customers’ lifestyle communication needs. Focused our proprietary process on seo to improve ranking, indexing and traffic. 3. Advertisement We created campaigns with the main keywords, competitors, category, video and defensive targeting of our main competitors and our products to avoid customers window shopping in other listings. We continuously create value through posts so customers looking for solutions know our products. Spending on ppc strategically (maximize investment since the shoes space is (crowded) PPC campaigns updates prior to the change in seasons and consumer behavior. 4. Account HealthInventory management to maintain a healthy IPI score (again due to the large catalog and many SKUs since each style and variation has several sizes) Auditing sell-through rates and processing removal orders to the warehouse as needed.

Half Million Dollar in 1 Month

I am working with this client from the very start. I have launched 5 products for this client and managed all the process by myself and worked on the keywords ranking, PPC ACOS , Images and Amazon account issue . 2 of his products got the best seller rank in their category and the other 3 products are also selling well. So after 1 year of hard work I am able to increase his sale to half a million dollar in a month with 20% Profit Margin

ACOS Reduction 5.16% | 30 Days

ACOS Reduction to 5.16% in 30 Days

Rescaling a 6-Figure Brand

6 figure brand had been slowly losing their popularity and gradually making a smaller a revenue to the point they entered 5-figures. The client approached us with this problem in December and we set to work. We identified the main problems in inventory, PPC, and Market. Having made a detailed plan and milestone to track progress, we began implementing our strategy. And the results were mind-blowing. A massive 84% increase in total revenue in the very first month, January. Another hefty 34% increase in February. and is projected to cross $300K in march

ACOS Reduction to 5.39%

ACOS Reduction to 5.39% in 30 Days. I have done complete audit of this amazon account . Listings are not good there are only few keywords in the listings. Images are not good. I have worked on the images . Done the keyword research and target those keywords into the PPC campaign and also target the keywords which have low competition and low reviews and I have got these results within 30 days

Amazon PPC Results -2.5x Growth

Amazon Sales Growth Specialist Project goal In this project, My work is to reduce the ACOS and consistent growth while keeping profitability metrics under control. When a client came to me, he was doing an average of $43000+ monthly revenue. π’πˆπ“π”π€π“πˆπŽπ ππ„π…πŽπ‘π„ π“π€πŠπˆππ† ππ‘πŽπ‰π„π‚π“: β€’ Product was already doing $30,000 average monthly revenue. β€’ Daily PPC budget was $150+, β€’ CPC was too High β€’ Listing was not optimized which resulted in a low conversing rate. β€’ ACOS: 54% β€’ Trained the copywriter to help us write a copy that can paint transformations in customer’s lives β€’ A thorough check of search terms, and market research, to get a complete idea about the product and competition. β€’ Extensive keyword research to identify decent SV, intent-based keywords with low competition for sales growth. β€’ Placement setting of poor performing campaign, Shift the placements from low conversion to high conversion. Results: β€’ $111000+ average revenue in the last 30 days. β€’ Organically ranked on page 1st over 100,000+ keyword search volume. β€’ ACOS: 25%

Turning eBay into Gold: A $20K Monthly Passive Income Triumph

Embark on a deep dive into the remarkable success story of our client, as we unravel the strategies that catapulted their eBay account into a revenue-generating powerhouse, churning out an impressive $20,000 in passive income each month. This case study unveils the secrets behind effective product curation, dynamic pricing models, and customer engagement techniques that fueled this phenomenal financial achievement. Gain practical insights into the art of navigating eBay’s algorithms, adapting to market trends, and sustaining a thriving e-commerce presence. Whether you’re a seasoned online entrepreneur or a budding seller, this case study provides actionable takeaways to optimize your eBay strategy and unlock the potential for sustained, lucrative returns.

eBay Ascendancy: A $150K Net Profit Case Study

Embark on a captivating exploration of our eBay client’s journey, showcasing the astute strategies that propelled their account to extraordinary heights, resulting in an impressive $150,000 in net profits. Delve into the nuances of product curation, dynamic pricing models, and customer engagement tactics that played a pivotal role in this financial triumph. This case study unveils the roadmap to success, offering valuable insights for entrepreneurs aiming to optimize their eBay accounts and achieve substantial, sustained net profits. Whether you’re a seasoned e-commerce professional or entering the online marketplace, this study provides actionable lessons to guide your eBay venture toward unparalleled success.

Shopify store design

Client: A fashion-forward shades and glasses retailer seeking an online presence. Objective: To create a visually captivating and user-friendly Shopify store that reflects the client’s dedication to fashion and quality. Approach: Collaborated with the client to understand their brand identity and preferences. Developed a visually appealing design that aligned with the client’s vision. Customized a suitable Shopify theme to incorporate branding elements and ensure a seamless user experience. Set up a diverse product catalog with clear images and detailed descriptions. Integrated secure payment gateways and streamlined the checkout process. Results: The Shopify store successfully showcased the client’s commitment to fashion and quality, featuring a wide range of shades and glasses. The visually appealing design, intuitive navigation, and secure checkout process enhanced the user experience

A Tale of $7K and $5K Sales in New Zealand and Canada

Have a look on a dual success story as we unravel the strategies that catapulted two Shopify clients to remarkable heights. One, a New Zealand-based seller, achieved an outstanding $7,000 in sales in the first month, while the other, situated in Canada, generated an impressive $4,000 to $5,000 in sales. Dive into the intricacies of product selection, regional marketing nuances, and customer engagement that fueled these exceptional sales figures. This case study unveils the blueprints for success, offering valuable insights for entrepreneurs seeking to thrive on the Shopify platform and achieve significant sales milestones. Whether you’re navigating the New Zealand or Canadian market, this study provides actionable lessons to elevate your Shopify venture and pave the way for substantial, sustained sales growth.


Transformative Etsy Store Management: A Revenue Surge Case Study

In this compelling case study, we delve into our successful collaboration with an Etsy entrepreneur whose online store underwent a remarkable transformation. Our team took charge of managing the complete Etsy store, implementing strategic measures to optimize listings, enhance visual appeal, and streamline operations.Β Through meticulous attention to detail and leveraging data-driven insights, we not only maintained but significantly grew the client’s revenue. Over the course of our partnership, the Etsy store has generated an impressive $1.2 million in revenue, marking a substantial increase from its initial standing.Join us on this journey through effective store management, tailored strategies, and the tangible results achieved. Discover how our collaborative efforts not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, establishing a thriving presence in the competitive Etsy marketplace. This case study is a testament to the power of strategic management and its impact on sustained revenue growth.


Elevating Etsy Presence: A Brand Development Triumph

Uncover the narrative of a remarkable brand development journey on Etsy, where our team orchestrated a strategic transformation for a client’s online store. This case study navigates through the intricacies of building a distinctive brand identity within the Etsy marketplace.Β From crafting a compelling brand story to refining visual elements and optimizing product listings, our brand development efforts were geared towards enhancing visibility and customer connection. The client’s Etsy store experienced a significant uplift, evolving into a recognizable brand with a unique personality.Β Join us as we dissect the strategies implemented, the challenges overcome, and the ultimate success achieved in establishing a powerful brand presence on Etsy. This case study is a testament to the impactful results achievable through meticulous brand development, setting the stage for sustained success in the competitive Etsy landscape.


Revolutionizing Income Streams: A Walmart Success Story

A transformative journey as we unravel the success achieved in building Walmart as a pivotal income stream for our esteemed client. This case study dives into the strategic initiatives undertaken to establish and grow a significant revenue channel on the Walmart platform.Β Our team meticulously engineered a blueprint for success, seamlessly integrating the client’s products into the Walmart ecosystem. From optimizing listings to leveraging marketing strategies, we propelled the client’s venture to generate over $40,000 in revenue and counting.Β Explore the intricacies of this success story, unveiling the strategies that fueled growth, navigated challenges, and set the stage for a steady ascent in revenue. This case study stands as a testament to the potency of strategic expansion, turning Walmart into a flourishing income stream for our forward-thinking client.


From Setup to Success: A Comprehensive WFS Case Study

Delve into the success narrative of a client whose online store underwent a complete transformation, thanks to our end-to-end management on Walmart’s Fulfillment Services (WFS). This case study chronicles our journey from the initial setup to managing the store’s every aspect.Β Our team meticulously navigated the intricacies of WFS, seamlessly integrating the client’s products, optimizing listings, and refreshing images for maximum appeal. The result? A thriving Walmart store that has not only streamlined operations but has become a revenue powerhouse.Β Join us in exploring the strategic steps taken, challenges conquered, and the remarkable success achieved in setting up and managing the client’s Walmart store from A to Z. This case study exemplifies the effectiveness of comprehensive store management, turning WFS into a game-changer for our client’s e-commerce venture.


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